Ciccionateland – a celebration of food

Just bumped into a wonderful blog, with like minded symphony of food, travel and delightm. Ciccinateland is a blog with an intriguing name.

First dashed to it’s “What is …” page to quench my intrigue. The interesting name has an explanation, and supposedly is “a brand-new Italian slang for delicious and high-fat food.”

The author is clearly upto to something different and there is a clear departure or intent to deviate from normal. This curiosity took me to the vivid pages which cover Venice, Verona, Manchester, China & Stockholm. Indeed, a variety.

I did run through the latest article about Venice and it presents a very interesting suggestion about gelato, something that has clearly eluded me. A side of Venice, personally would not stumble into. The vivid images prove a point that the author is sincere to his subject and did enjoy the variations of gelato to his/her heart’s content.

Look forward to more such content and twists on travel and food. Just one other remarkable thing about the blog, its content was completely translatable through a simple browser, so no user difficulties there. Please do like, share and subscribe the creativity – Ciccinateland.