2 thoughts on “Associate Cloud Engineer Certification – Google Cloud Common Commands

  1. Nabeela – Hey.... Its me, nabeela.... I am trying to find a way to share my observations in my blog.... In my life I had gone through lots of emotional drama that made the way I am now.... so what I have to say is "whenever you get frustrated with your life, just slow down. Things will change eventually. Stay calm and breathe...."
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    1. motsfontana – United Kingdom – Professional & Personal accomplishment lies in utilizing one abilities and knowledge for making a subtle yet significant change which positively impacts the lives of people. It is with the same desire I seek a tenacious and resilient career in the Information System sector. Sound academia and a praxis based foundation is the linchpin to achieving such a goal. I am a Professional with a passion for technology and developing IT based solutions for businesses. Have been playing the role of Technical Architect for the last 9 years. With nearly 10 years of IT experience in designing, developing and delivering enterprise applications in high pressure environments. This includes extensive experience in “UK Smart Metering”.
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      Thank you for your comment !

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