Love is Blind

How did I find the show ?

I stumbled upon this intriguing reality tv show on Netflix. At first I did not think it was such a great concept. I still don’t. It sounded like pretty much any other arranged marriage in India.

As I write this article, the show rates a 73% on rotten tomatoes and a very good 6 on IMDB.

What was my initial reaction ?

Love is Blind starts off with many people getting to know each other through a wall. People were writing notes of what they liked and disliked about a particular person.

All Matt Barnett wanted was to find that one fish in the sea.

This show actually kicked off and grabbed my attention after a guy named Barnett came into the picture who seemed to fall for 3 girls at the same time.

At one point he almost he asked Jessica to marry him, only to dump her in the next episode.

Within 2-3 episodes all the guys who ended proposing went on to continue to the next part of the show (apparently the interesting few couples).

The format of the show has a very interesting make or break scene for all couples at the altar (and yes in front of priest and family as well).

Jessica Batten was one of the standout contestants

The highlight of the show was Jessica getting drunk and all over place including hitting on Barnett while her fiance Mark was around. Probably Jessica should best be coupled up a bottle of wine.

It is interesting to note that this show was shot a year and a half back. The show ends up with couples getting serious and taking the plunge. Thankfully they are still married today.

The last episode is a reunion episode (in the recent past, nearly a year after the start) which gives you a sneak peak as to how things are still going. There are certainly few surprises where broken hearts have mended and come together.

An ideal show for your COVID 19 lockdown inteanary and even more apt to talk to your neighbor across the wall and emerge as a budding couple at the end of this pandemic (hopefully soon).

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