I have made a list of notes which helped me during my preparation for OCI Foundations 2020 Associate (1Z0-1085-20). Do run past them just before your exam for a quick revision.

  1. Resources can be moved from one compartment to another.
  2. Each OCI resource belongs to a single compartment
  3. An application in OCI needing the highest level of availability and resilience can be achieved by deploying the application across multiple Regions and Availability Domains.
  4. Dynamic Routing Gateway serves to enable connect to OCI compute instances to connect to on-premises environments.
  5. Resources and compartements can be added and deleted any time.
  6. If OCI virtual machine instances are run on OCI Dedicated virtual host, the dedicaed virtual machine host and the boot volumes of each instance will be billed.
  7. Standard OCI Compute shape does not incur instance billing in a STOPPED state.
  8. OCI service would use Public Load Balancer to distribute traffic between a set of web servers.
  9. OCI capability of Fault Domains can be used to protech against power failures within an Availability Domain
  10. Compartements can be nested
  11. Shared File System in OCi would be able to be delivered by File Storage
  12. Compute Instance in OCI always gets a private IP address
  13. Managed RAC Offering in OCI is
  14. OCI Instance always gets a private IP address
  15. Compute instance vertical scaling means changing to a larger or smaller shape
  16. Security of data center facilities is Oracle’s responsibility according to OCI shared security model.
  17. VM DB Systems Managed Database Service having RAC feature offering in OCI,
  18. Network Bandwidth is proportional to the OCPU’s in the instance shape, this is how total network throughput is allocated to a Virtual Machine
  19. Key Management is a security service offered by OCI.
  20. Local NVME does not provide for Encryption for data at rest.
  21. OCI Compute shapes does not incur instance billing in a stopped state.
  22. Operating System is managed in an IAAS offering
  23. With regards to the OCI Compute Service, you can launch either virtual machines or bare metal machines.
  24. OCI Exadata DB Systems provides the best performance for running OLTP workloads in OCI
  25. Transferring data across regions and data egress to the Internet are the two situations which incur costs with OCI.