Angelo’s Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso

Will the first question which comes to your mind must be, who is Angelo ? And for those unfamiliar with Italian cuisine which I very dearly love, Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso is equally a question mark.

While I was away in UK for my three year work stint, I was introduced to the Italian cuisine by my dear friends. More specifically to a chain of commercial restaurants titled ‘Zizzi’

Pronounced as “zeezee”, it is a last name originating from Siclian dialect Zizzu, meaning “stylish youth”. Also from Arabic Aziz meaning “beloved”, “beautiful” and “mighty”. — Sarah Henson, Customer Experience Representative (Wikipedia)

Zizzi has 136 restaurants  in UK and the chain was founded in 1999. Rest assured it is pretty good and nearly gives an authentic Italian feel with a masonry oven visible over the counter to the customers where pizzas are prepared and then baked to order.

Zizzi is known for its pasta, pizza and salads.

Coming back to question one, who is Angelo ? Angelo Garofalo is the head chef at the Zizzi chain, Italian born and bred. He is known to be the driving force behind every dish on the Zizzi menu.

Digging into the food part of it. Strozzapreti – are Strozzapreti are an elongated form of cavatelli, or hand-rolled pasta typical of the Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche and Umbria regions of Italy as well as in the state of San Marino. (Wikipedia)

One step ahead, pesto rosso gets its intense red hue from the sun dried tomatoes and Aleppo pepper, which brings sweetness and heat to its flavor. It is thickened with almonds. It is a variant of the traditionally green pesto sauce.

Connecting all the dots together we have a fantastic, yet simple recipe from the chef which takes a handful of ingredients to make one of the most mouth watering pastas ever in under 30 mins.

It is very simple and easy to make and serves well for even a young novice like me.

With all due respect the recipe is on his blog. Click on the link below

Tell us what you think after you have given it a shot !

Enjoy Angelo’s Strozzapreti Pesto Rosso !

You’ll Need:

Olive Oil

Chilli paste

1 roasted chicken breast

1 TBSP spring onions

4 oz. vegetable stock

2 – 3 oz. crème fraiche

2 oz. red pesto

Salt and pepper

200g cooked pasta

Sprig of parsley

What to do:

– Tear your chicken breast in to small pieces – and lightly coat with chilli paste

– In a pan, add the olive oil and sauté the chicken breast for about a minute or two

-Add your spring onion, then crème fraîche, then the veg stock and finally the red pesto…then bring to boil

-Add salt and pepper

-Once sauce is reduced – add your cooked pasta

-Mix all together, add the sprig of parsley to garnish and serve

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