Sakura is a Japanese Restaurant in Portsmouth that serves authentic Japanese cuisine, Sushi & noodles.

Address :

9 Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, P05 2SE

Bookings are recommended :

Contact : 023 9275 6277 or 023 9275 1103 for reservations.


Monday – Thursday 12noon – 2.00pm &
5.30pm – 10.30pm

Friday & Saturday: 12noon – 11.00pm
Sunday: 12noon – 10.00pm


Delivery after 5.30pm daily until our closing time. Please call 023 9275 6277 or 023 9275 1103 to order.

Our thoughts

Sakura is the place I met one of my new found loves. “Sushi”. Sushi was a foreign entity to me and my concept defined it to be raw fish and food for fancy people, until I bumped into Sakura, thanks to my persistent office colleagues.

Post Sakura my concept of Sushi is fresh, healthy, protein and damn tasty food.


Sakura is quite a busy restaurant right throughout the week. You may find some room in the afternoon without hassle, however it will be safe to say, get a reservation for dinner.

Their lunch offer has 20% off through the week when payments are offered in cash in the timeframe 12 noon to 2 pm.

The place is neat & hygienic, and staff is always welcoming with the petri dish, soy sauce and slices of ginger. Not to mention, the service is prompt and you will be attacked with the order you have placed in no time. In short the right place to go incase your tummy demands fuel.

Besides all sushi being simply great. One of my personal favorites is “Tori chahan” or “Gomuku chahan”. Chahan is Fried Rice. Tori – is chicken. Gomuku is seafood. Quantities are great and with abundant protein and an amazing flavour with a very mild spice quotient.

Fried Rice with Squid, Prawn, Crab and Mussels

Fried Rice

Fried Noodles with Chicken and Curry Paste

Curry Noodles
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